Cynthia Woerner Photography

Cynthia Woerner Photography, wedding, olympic peninsula

My journey started as the grandchild of a great photographer who helped me realize my talent. He put a 35mm camera in my hands as a child and my world became a more interesting place. I have spent my life practicing, studying, exploring, pursuing, and developing my imagery in three amazing locations for photography- the rugged and sophisticated mountain towns of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Park City, Utah; and all the little towns, beaches, and farms that make up the Puget Sound region in Washington.

For me weddings are about the journey, the adventure, the joy, the party, the not so perfect moments, and the expressions of emotion. When I first meet with a client I want to hear all about the story of them.. My goal is to capture their story in my imagery while keeping my trained eyes on the perfect lighting, backgrounds, composition, and event timing. My years of experience in top wedding destination markets has given me the confidence to expertly photograph any type of event in any location. I am inventive, creative, unwavering, and I love a good laugh!

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