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Hi! I'm Jen, a life events photographer. I capture: wedding, birth, family; loud hurrahs, hushed vows, giggles and sighs and sometimes even goodbye. 

I look for earnest human experience.

I focus on helping my clients forget about the lens. My real work — my best work — comes from their emotions, their quirks, personalities, what they love. We all have a mask we put on in public places and around people we don’t know. My own weirdness seems to make them more comfortable — you can take off the mask and just be yourselves — letting me catch intimate moments that normally aren’t available.

My courage comes from my husband, Jared, who’s given me the confidence to accept my introverted tendencies (and challenge them when needed). If it weren’t for his constant encouragement, Jen Lee Light would not exist.

My inspiration comes from artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer and their ability to paint people in the most beautiful light. From nature, and my intimate relationship with wildlife — raw, brutal, and beautiful. From my sons, Maes and Corvus — from raising them to embrace their human experience to the fullest. 

Philosophically, I like to think of light as my medium, the moment my canvas.

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